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Advantages of Search Engine Positioning

Positioning our business in search engines is an essential part of any Online Marketing Strategy. It brings many advantages to companies and Online Projects:

Omnipresence and Google’s recommendation

Search engines have become the sales representatives of the 21st century. If you are positioned in the top search results on Google, you actually have a sales representative on the internet who is constantly appearing to be THE SOLUTION to problems of your potential customers.

Resources such as yellow pages and other business telephone lists have been left behind. Currently, we all search on the Internet because it is faster, safest and more comfortable; and it goes without saying that, in this fight, Google is by far the king of search engines in most countries.

SEO positioning | SEO

On the other hand, appearing in Google’s search results is highly beneficial, as users believe that Google is actually recommending the best companies in the sector, and in a specific ranking, because they are the answer to their problems. As you can imagine, this has a huge psychological impact as, if Google recommends a business, who are we to question it? ;)

Fixed investment, incremental profitability

Most of our clients have doubled or tripled their billing. However, our fees remain the same. Is this a good strategy for us? In other traditional types of advertisement, being successful is equivalent to paying more for that advertisement. For instance, on Google Ads, the more successful you get, the more you have to pay per click to keep your position. However, in SEO positioning, the only thing that increases over time is success (more sales, more clicks, better reputation, etc.) So, why should we increase our fees?

Predictable and Qualified Traffic

Let us take a very simple example. Imagine that we have a client who tells us: ‘I want to focus on this type of user when they search for this product or service’ (because it is the most profitable one). Do you think that the client’s website will appear in Google’s search results when a user searches for something else? The question is easy to answer: No. Users find our services on Google because they have searched exactly what we wanted them to search. That is why these users are predictable and qualified.

Eliminate Competition

All of the above makes it clear why Web Positioning is so important for companies. Positioning your website on Google is no longer an option. It is the solution you need so that your business has visibility on the Internet. Therefore, if you are not on the first page of Google’s search results, your business does not exist for users.

If you think about this previous sentence, it is reasonable to assume that if your business is in the top search results, your competition is not. What is more, if your competitors are not on the first page of Google, they do not exist (they cannot be found). So what are you waiting for? Contact Yagle and eliminate your competition!

SEO positioning | SEO
SEO: Google Positioning Services (Get a QUOTE)

...because 50% of the users aged between 18 and 34 use ad blocks (Google Ads).

Our positioning service on Google

We offer an exclusive and customized SEO service on Google, since we are aware of the importance of having an SEO professional to improve the visibility of your business in search engines. Thus, our positioning service has as its sole objective to put our clients in the top search results on Google. This philosophy is present both before and throughout the entire Online Project, helping our clients to define their objectives and planning their SEO strategy for Google.

As an Online Marketing and SEO Agency, we also offer Google Ads Management Services, SEO for PWA (Progressive Web Apps), Online Reputation Management and web optimizations. Similarly, it is also worth noting that we are used to working closely with our clients’ marketing departments, as well as graphic or web design departments. We have a team of experts in each of those areas who collaborate with them to suggest changes and web modifications focused on SEO.

There are many aspects that make us different from other SEO agencies. Here are some of our advantages:

Market and Competition Analysis

Knowing the products and services of our clients is as important as discovering who their competitors are and what they are doing in terms of SEO. Nonetheless, when we talk about ‘competitors’ we refer to real competitors, that is, those websites which are well ranked on Google when users search for our clients’ products or services. Understanding this is very important since competition on the Internet should never be confused with those businesses our client considers competition because, for instance, are located in the same geographical area. Competition on the Internet rarely coincides with the competition we believe we have. On the internet, competition is any company which is well ranked on Google, no matter where it is located. So, knowing what the market situation is and whom we have to overcome is essential to create a good SEO strategy. If we do not know what the goal is, we will not be able to help you achieve the objectives you expect from our SEO Positioning Service.

Web Optimization

A web page is the sales representative of a business on the Internet. It describes the company and shows its products or services to users. However, if we focus on getting as many potential customers as possible but the website is not optimized (e.g. it has spelling mistakes, confusing content, poor image quality, etc.), the user will abandon our web page and we will have worked in vain, losing both time and effort.

Therefore, even though SEO or Web Positioning is the main pillar, we should not forget CRO (Conversion Ratio Optimization). If we optimize our conversion ratio, we will do our best to help users convert.

Of course, there is no need to say that there is no CRO if there are no users, and if we do not have visibility on Google users will not find us. That is why SEO is the main pillar of any Online Project to get the desired results. To rank your web page Google takes into account more than 300 parameters, among which we can mention: loading speed, keyword density or if your website is responsive. Nonetheless, once Google has analyzed your site, it compares all your data with your competitors’ to give you a position in its ranking. So, before doing Search Engine Positioning, we analyze our client’s website to see how it is. We carry out web audits with the objective of discovering what should be optimized to improve each one of Google’s parameters. Remember that we must please Google before pleasing the user, and to be well ranked on Google there is nothing we can do but follow its guidelines.

Improving User Experience

Improving User Experience is closely related to CRO (Conversion Ratio Optimization). Once we are ranked high on Google, we will not get many conversions unless we offer a good UX (User Experience). Why? Because users will not make any effort to contact us if our website is not easy to navigate, if the content is confusing or badly organised, if there are too many steps to convert, if there is no contact form, etc. While with CRO we optimize the web in general, with UXO we optimize the user experience.

In this section, we focus solely and exclusively on pleasing users (and not Google) since they are the ones who really let our clients know if we are doing our job properly. In this case, we analyze the client’s website and study user behaviour to discover if there is something that could negatively influence users when purchasing or contacting our client.

Exclusivity in your sector: We do not work for your competition

Did you know that most agencies specializing in Google Positioning work for several clients who share the same objective? But which one of these clients will be in the first position on Google? By helping one of them are we not harming the other? Almost all SEO agencies share this philosophy and work with their clients without letting them know that they are also working with their competitors. However, our ethics do not allow us to follow this work philosophy, so we never offer our SEO services to two companies which have the same objective. In fact, our contract clauses assure you the compensation for everything paid if we work for your competition while you are our client.

Methodology and SEO tools

Cognitive SEO, SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, Sistrix, Majestic, Moz, SEO Profiler, etc. these are just some of the many SEO tools we currently have at our disposal. But when we use more than one of these SEO tools at the same time, it becomes evident how unreliable they can be, because the results they offer are totally different. This was the reason why we decided to create our own marketing tools, providing an added value to our SEO services. Such tools take into account Google’s algorithms, their constant modifications and the logic used by search engines. Some may find it really crazy to create their own SEO tools, but we simply see it as a way to help our clients. In addition, we love SEO strategies!

Customized Service

Our clients come first, so we get involved in their projects as if they were ours from the very beginning. This behaviour establishes a very close relationship, which is something really important as we want them to feel comfortable when talking to us. Besides, it usually leads to new ideas and different ways to approach their SEO or Web Positioning. On the other hand, we do not mind meeting them as many times as necessary to answer their questions or explaining something in plain words if it helps achieve the desired results. In the end, our goal is to make them succeed, as we know it will also be our success.

Real and Verifiable Results

When our clients hire our SEO Services, we do our best to rank their websites as high as possible in search engines, regardless of the sector involved. Thanks to our SEO experts, as well as our own Online Marketing Tools, we improve their site’s ranking on Google, making them more visible to potential customers. Thus, our work regarding Google Positioning can be described as a constant effort to get our clients to the top of Google. However, being the first search result on Google does not guarantee that you will always hold that position, that is why SEO implies so much work. We have to work daily on your ranking, even if you are ranked highly on Google, because competitors may improve their search engine ranking and affect yours. All in all, our work is to optimize your site and build a strong foundation so that you can get top rankings on Google. As everybody knows, this will help you increase the number of visitors and conversions.

Ranking for more than 1 keyword

The final objective of our SEO services is to help our customers receive messages, calls or visits. For this purpose, we carry out a comprehensive study on keywords to choose the most profitable ones taking into account both user profile and search volume. We also analyze search trends and seasonality to know for sure which keywords to bid on. Yet, ranking for one or two keywords on Google is not enough for us. Once we are well ranked on Google for the main searches, we keep adding more keywords and working on them because we think that is the best way for our clients to have more potential customers. The truth is that we want our clients to have visitors so that they can increase their sales. In this way, they do not see SEO as an expense but as an investment.

SEO Advice and Consulting

We advise our customers from the very beginning and tell them everything that should be done to improve their ranking on Google. For example, if their business is mentioned on a blog or a forum, they will have another way to drive traffic to their web which, in turn, benefits SEO. So we develop different blogs and forum to help each of our clients, no matter the sector. There are many ‘types of positioning’: brand positioning, Web Positioning on Google, Web Positioning on Google’s Local Pack (results on Google Maps), etc. We have the necessary expertise to advise our clients and help them improve their online reputation.

SEO: Google Positioning Services (Get a QUOTE)