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Online Reputation Management Services ORM Services in Mallorca

Online Reputation Management

Our Online Reputation Management Services are designed to develop customized strategies to create a positive impact on the consumer’s perception. Our main objective is to make sure that your online image piques the interest of users, as a growing number of consumers use the Internet to help them decide before making a purchase.

Bad articles or poor reviews are more important than ever in 2019. For this reason, we repair your Online Reputation in the best of shape. Nonetheless, to do so we analyze your business Online Reputation and take appropriate actions whenever needed. We take care of everything, you only have to focus on offering a good service.

Online Reputation Management | SEO

ORM: Brand construction

Depending on the needs of each client and project, we create an ORM strategy that allows us to achieve the proposed goals in terms of Online Reputation. We use tools to obtain information about their niche market, and we carry out a thorough analysis to identify both positive and negative points we should work on. By knowing this we can anticipate possible obstacles and inconveniences which surely require a planned strategic action.

ORM: Online Reputation Crisis

When a business has a negative article or a poor review, it can become viral. The media repercussion in this situations is immediate, and this directly harms all the investments, sponsors and efforts made for the construction of the brand. As a consequence, our objective is to create a positive mental attitude in your potential customers, trying to change their mind so that it matches with your business interests.

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... because we all read customer reviews before making a purchase.

ORM: Projects where Online Reputation is vital

  • Hotels. All hoteliers know that more than 80% of travellers read from 5 to 8 reviews before making a booking. What is more, at least 65% of them do not make a booking if the hotel has no reviews. We manage hotel Online Reputation on platforms such as Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, Yelp, Priceline, etc.
  • Marketing Music. Nowadays artists are forced to change their mindset. They need to understand that their Online Reputation or success depends on a set of methods and techniques that seem to have stronger links to psychological or sociological needs than passion or emotion.
  • Youtubers. Actually, YouTubers are divided into two different types: those who are (but not as they desired) and those who want to be (but are not). We can help the first ones manage their success efficiently so that their fame does not disappear in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, we can also help the second ones by creating strategies to advise them on what to do to make a difference.
  • Influencers and micro-influencers. Being an influencer can help you enhance your image and be recognised as a reference in your sector. It does not matter if you are a lawyer, a hotelier or a personal trainer, you can become an influencer with our help. You will be able to take advantage of this to sell your services or products.
  • Political marketing. Anyone who wants to address social or political tasks to persuade their voters or community knows that today the key is the Internet. Our job is not only concerned with increasing positive reputation but also managing fake news, trolls and negative comments.
  • Brands and products. Our services increase conversions thanks to the proper management of Online Reputation. We take care of all online reviews, opinions, and comments related to both the brand and the product.
  • Brands and companies. Most potential customers use the Internet to help them decide when hiring a service or purchasing a product. Therefore, good management of Google My Business, reviews, opinions, ratings and comments can make the company increase its reputation and, consequently, its sales.
Online Reputation Management | SEO

SERM = ORM + Transversal SEO

SERM (meaning Search Engine Reputation Management) is the management of Online Reputation on Google and other search engines. It is like ORM but, in this particular case, the Online Reputation is only focused on search engines, e.g. Google. To provide this service a complete, holistic vision must be considered, as well as all stakeholders involved (sponsors, companies, users, bloggers, journalists, etc.)

How does Online Reputation relate to Google?

This is where Transversal SEO comes in, to help manage Online Reputation. Online Reputation results are nothing but a cluster of mentions which exist in different platforms (depending on the project). When we talk about reputation platforms, we refer to all of them, from price comparison sites to app stores or social networks. Good examples of these platforms are YouTube, App Store, Google Play, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Besides, we should not forget platforms related to products: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. or companies: Trivago, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and many others.

So, what should an ORM Agency do about SEO or Google?

  • Google My Business. Your ORM Agency should create and/or configure your business profile on Google My Business.
  • In the same token, your ORM Agency should promote and thank reviews concerning your business or service on Google My Business.
  • In short, your ORM Agency should work on your Google My Business profile because it is part of Google’s Local 3-Pack (Google Maps). Therefore, it is advisable to upload images, reply to questions and doubts, etc.
  • Facebook. The largest social network in the world also has a rating system for business pages, known as reviews or opinions. Each one of them must be appreciated and managed.
  • Digital newspapers. Your ORM Agency should help you appear in a newspaper article where your company, professionals, services or products are described.
  • Your business should be mentioned in forums or blogs related to your sector.
  • Your business should be registered in most directories or lists of companies available on the Internet.
  • Your ORM Agency should manage any kind of online mention, whether on social networks, websites, Google, emails… or do you think that Google does not read emails? ;)
  • Reputation platforms. Here we refer to all those reputation platforms we mentioned in the previous section. As you already know, every theme has its own reputation platform, so your ORM Agency should work hard at the ones related to your project to improve your Online Reputation.

ORM Agency in Mallorca specializing in SEO

Many believe that both social networks and Online Reputation depend solely and exclusively on psychological factors, and not predictable, measurable factors. This is a mistake. Each action users do on social networks is parameterized, so that these platforms can easily make decisions regarding visibility, virality, authority, etc.

It may be a little technical, but we will try to explain part of our services as best as possible. Since we are experts in algorithms, we use reverse engineer to understand how social networks work. Let’s take an example: social networks, such as Facebook, ask for data and, then, monitor users’ actions (clicks, navigation, interest, permanence, etc.) This allows social networks to send notifications and updates to users’ walls, offering customized results when they search for something.

Thus, at our ORM Agency, we have created many Facebook accounts to be able to detect such relationships. Each one of these profiles has different demographic characteristics, so it is easy to analyze how Facebook reacts in each situation by comparing results. It seems complex, but it is not. It just means a lot of work and willingness to work and give results to our clients.

If you still believe that you can make free-will choices on social networks, google Online Reputation Management Services or Reputation Management Company to discover a world of ORM agencies which are totally dedicated to obtaining data and influencing customer reviews in favour of their clients. Plus, we do not even need to turn to Big Data to obtain information, it is enough to visit a site which uses third-party cookies (or its own cookies).

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