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Although our services range from Online Reputation Management (ORM) to app or product positioning, our expertise is based on algorithms and search engines and, more specifically, on Google. Anybody could think that these are different sectors but you only need to analyze, for example, the evolution of Facebook’s Algorithm (known as Edge Rank), or the new Progressive Web Apps (now indexed on Google) to realize that the actual backbone of online promotion is the programming and artificial intelligence of classification and indexing systems (be it search engines or social networks).

That is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization, and even Facebook’s search engine) is essential for a business to have more visibility. The more visibility you get, the more users visit your website and, as a consequence, your business experiences a substantial increase in its potential sales and conversions, enhancing customer loyalty as time goes by.

The importance of an SEO Strategy

Having an SEO strategy designed exclusively to meet your needs is the first and most important step to carry out a good positioning on search engines. All our clients look for better visibility on Google, which in turn will help them get more customers. However, not all of them can get this goal by using the same SEO strategy (in fact, it is advisable for them not to have the same SEO strategy as their needs and competitors vary depending on each situation).

The best way to start an Online Project cannot be decided in just one meeting. To get all the necessary information to know which path would benefit a client it is important to conduct market research, as exhaustive and complete as possible. In this way, we will have enough real data to rely on.

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Furthermore, SEO Strategies also vary depending on the user’s location, since an SEO strategy in Majorca or Madrid does not have the same needs as an SEO strategy in the United Kingdom or Germany. Therefore, any SEO consultant or professional must take these little details into account before offering any type of service.

In our case, when we start providing our SEO services, the first weeks we focus on what the client needs in order to develop the online marketing strategy that best suits them. To do so we have to know exactly what the client wants and how we are supposed to get it, so we use different marketing tools to have a complete picture of the current situation. Among other things, we analyze their competition, the diverse characteristics of the product we have to position, the target audience who search for their product or service, and the status of their web. In this way, we can start our SEO service knowing in advance what aspects should be improved to attract new users, recover the lost ones and, over time, building loyalty.

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…because those who do not prepare, are prepared to fail.

Being creative and develop SEO Strategies adapted to each client is one of our most distinctive features. Our methodology follows these simple steps:

Analyzing the Market

Before starting a business in a physical location, it is always advisable to conduct market research with the intention of gathering important information relating to the area in which you want to locate this new business. In this research, you have to place particular emphasis on aspects such as the existence of similar businesses, competition, the type of user who visits that place, the type of user who lives in that area, etc. But… Why? Why should you do all this work in advance? Well, because you need to make sure you are making the right decision, and this research will let you know if this new business has any place in the chosen area.

In regards to Web Positioning or SEO positioning, such market research is very similar, if not the same, but on the Internet. The aspects we focus on in this case are the speed with which our client needs to be on the first page of Google, the type of user that may be interested in their product or service, the keywords used by those users, etc. This constitutes a means to not only discover the main niche markets but also to decide the platforms we should use to increase our clients’ visibility. For example, if our client has a product that is only sold at Christmas, we advise them to rank it on Google through Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), and not through organic methods; because Google Ads allows us to appear above Google’s search results within a few days, getting the desired traffic before Christmas (although it is true that you have to pay per click on the ad, and once you stop paying the ad will disappear). On the other hand, if our client has a highly demanded product throughout the year, we advise them to rank it on Google through organic methods, that is, SEO - because the results obtained are more durable in time and there will be no need to pay Google to get your website ranked.

Identifying Competition

After knowing the type of user we need to target and the keywords they use to find our client, the next step is to discover who our clients’ competitors are on Google.

Competition on Google is not something that you have to think about in order to discover who they might be. It is as simple as simulating the search of a user/customer who needs your services, and have a look at the first search results that Google recommends. Your competitors are on that very first page of search results. Those who are not on that page do not exist.

Apart from that, you can also look for the typical directories which list companies in thematic groups to have an idea of who your competition is. ‘The best restaurants in Palma de Mallorca’, or ‘The best thrift shops in Mallorca’ are good searches to have a first contact with competition on the Internet.

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The funny thing about competition on the Internet is that it rarely coincides with the competition you believe you have, as businesses such as milanuncios.com, fotocasa.es or amazon.com can be your competition on the Internet despite being located in a different geographical area. Before this situation, what can you do? Do our clients have the possibility to get better positions on Google than companies which triple their annual turnover? Fortunately, the answer is yes. To be ranked high on Google you do not need to have the best website in the world. You only need to have a website better than your competitors’. That is why it is so important to know who appears on the first page of Google when typing the keywords you want to rank your website for.

Analyzing Competition

Why do we need to know the competition our client has in order to rank their website on Google? Could we do our SEO positioning without this information? The truth is that we could. In fact, most SEO agencies offer their SEO Services without analyzing the competition of their clients. However, we study and analyze each one of the pages that get on the first page of Google because we want to identify how well they are regarding SEO. This will allow us to know the SEO strategy they follow when it comes to attracting users, as well as the methods used to keep them.

For this reason, once we have the list of real competitors, we carry out a thorough analysis on different elements of their websites, among which we mention:

  • User Experience: we browse the competitors’ websites to see the user experience they offer. We analyze how they transform visits into objectives, that is, if users buy their products, if users contact them, if users sign up in their newsletters, etc. After that, we check how they have configured processes such as shopping carts, contact pages or CTA (Call to Action). At this point, we also take into account if the website has any striking design elements or elements that may call the attention of the user (this could be offers, discounts, mentions of partners on the website, etc.) And, finally, once we have everything figured out, we modify our client’s website and use Google Analytics to verify that the decisions we have made to improve this user experience have been adequate.
  • Social Networks: part of the analysis is to discover which social networks competitors use. Therefore, we analyze what actions are carried out, how they are carried out and whether they are effective or not. This information is very valuable since it can help us learn from their strategy and have basic knowledge of what can work for our client in that sector.
  • Web Content: we review the content of those well-ranked web pages to see what keywords are used, as well as if there are any videos, images or news.

This type of analysis allows us to know what really works in this sector and what users expect when they are surfing our website. At the same time, however, it also helps us learn from competitors’ mistakes and offer a better user experience than theirs. In short, we analyze your competition in order to build a better and stronger SEO strategy - and that is precisely what makes Yagle a leading SEO Agency in Mallorca.

Implementing a good SEO Strategy

Now, we have at our disposal everything we need to start working on the Search Engine Marketing Strategy that we will follow to rank our client on Google. Thanks to the information obtained after the analysis on the competition’s pages, we know perfectly well what users find when they surf their websites… and we also know what they do not find, so we adapt our client’s web accordingly to make it more attractive to those users. We not only adapt the web by creating relevant content but also we take into account how we put that information on the site, in other words, we focus on web design.

Lastly, it is important to highlight that every Search Engine Marketing Strategy must be realistic and establish real objectives which can be measured. If not, those objectives cannot be compared with the results and determine whether SEO has been profitable. When talking about objectives, we do not just talk about the number of visits, calls or desired forms; we also include the estimated time required to achieve them.

Monitoring the Strategy

Establishing an adequate SEO Strategy is as important as carrying out good strategy monitoring. It is worthless to create a strategy if we do not measure the results it generates, as it would be impossible to know what is really working and what should be changed or improved to get more out of Web Positioning. Thus, our SEO Marketing Agency not only chooses the most appropriate strategy for each client but also monitors such strategy throughout the process.

There are several parameters considered to be essential when it comes to making a good SEO strategy monitoring, among which we must mention:

  • The list of keywords. First of all, analyzing that the keywords we have chosen are correct. Afterwards, discovering which keywords are really generating traffic to the website and modifying the content accordingly.
  • The number of times your website has appeared in a search result (with the help of Google Search Console).
  • The number of links, both internal (pointing from another website to your website) and external (pointing from your website to another website), as well as the quality of these recommendations.
  • The conversion rate. If your business gets more visibility on Google, it should be reflected in a greater number of conversions.
  • The bounce rate of your website. If users visit your website and do not browse, it means that you do not offer what they need or were looking for.
  • Brand positioning. It is clear that users will find you because they search for something on Google and you are well ranked. However, if they decide to buy your product or hire your services will depend significantly on your brand and the experience they have when surfing your site.

Monitoring an online marketing strategy is a guarantee that we will be able to identify problems and solve them in no time in case something must be changed or modified.

Evaluation and Modifications

The last step in the development of an SEO strategy is to evaluate the results obtained and make the appropriate changes. A positioning strategy must be flexible, as this will allow us to make the necessary adjustments to achieve your objectives. In the evaluation of an SEO strategy we have to analyze and understand:

  • What we are doing well and what is giving good results.
  • What needs to be improved.

Once we know what is stopping you from achieving your objectives, the next step is to discover how we can solve this problem and, of course, put it into practice. This may imply a restructuring of the strategy, as we could think it is important to take a totally different approach and create a new strategy.

Whatever decision we make, after ‘fixing’ or ‘changing’ the strategy, we will go back to monitoring this new strategy to ensure that these modifications have a positive influence on the results, making future changes if necessary until we get optimal user experience.

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