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Benefits of ranking Number 1 on Google

Ranking and Google’s search results

The top 3 search results in Google’s ranking get 70% of users’ interactions. It is that simple: if you are not on the first page of Google, users will not visit your website, and you will hardly be able to take advantage of web positioning. A few years ago, it was very difficult to make companies understand that Google was the main source of information that all potential customers consulted before hiring any service or product. These companies thought that searching on Google was something only people related to new technologies did and, therefore, there was no need for them to do SEO positioning. However, the truth is that those companies which still believe that their customers do not search on Google find their days numbered.

first search result on Google | SEO

Google and Online Reputation

When a user searches for something on Google, this search engine ranks the indexed websites based on more than 300 parameters (many of which are very technical). Among such parameters Google takes into account are, for example, web design, web structure, mentions in social networks or the existing relationship between the user search and their web content. However, the funny thing is that everyone, or at least 90% of the planet, believes that GOOGLE RECOMMENDS those search results, to such an extent that there is a generalized idea that the top positions are only deserved by companies which are the best or offer the best services. But it does not work like that. On a regular basis, a website has a good position on Google because there is an agency specializing in Google Marketing Platforms or Digital Marketing that works hard to meet all the necessary requirements to put its client in the top search results on Google.

It goes without saying that, once you are well positioned, you should do your best to satisfy customers. If you offer the best possible service or the best quality-to-price ratio, users will be delighted and, as a consequence, they will become customers. However, if you cannot offer the best quality-to-price ratio in the market, it is not a big deal. Why? Because being on Google is more than enough! Google is a generator of online reputation. If you are on Google, you are already winning!

Reliability and customer loyalty

We have met great sales representatives who take advantage of these first positions to sell their service face to face. When they have to talk to a potential client who is doubtful about doing SEO positioning, they usually say: "Look, if you have any doubts, search for our service on Google". As expected, when that potential customer arrives home, they do what they were requested to and find out that Google "recommends" the sales representative’s company. By doing this, the potential client easily becomes a customer.

Local, National and International SEO on Google

It is surprising the number of companies that, even now, are reluctant to invest in the design of their websites, in SEO positioning, in platforms such as Google Ads, etc. and, at the same time, have no hesitation in paying thousands of euros for posters, merchandising and other obsolete advertising tools. To give just one example, we all know that the ROI (Return On Investment) of ‘mailshot’ is less than 1% and, still, people keep doing it.

If Google has offered something to companies and professionals it is precisely the independence of physical locations. Users no longer have to go to the store to see the products companies sell; users no longer have to visit different places to compare prices; users no longer have to trust what the company says (they simply have to read the opinions of other users who have already bought it).

first search result on Google | SEO

Nowadays, if a company wants to offer its services to people living in different parts of the world, it only needs to hire the services of SEO professionals who know how to use the most advanced Online Marketing tools on the market to do local, national or international SEO. The investment they make is far lower than the cost of opening new offices or hiring sales representatives in other countries to sell their products. However, the problem is that entrepreneurs have the erroneous belief that they can start an online business that will make a lot of money just by investing a few euros in a couple of months - when it has nothing to do with reality.

It is true that you can INVEST LESS on the Internet, but it does not mean that Google will make your dreams come true with no effort.

Geolocation and Google’s Local Pack

For some people, starting a business was an unattainable dream. In fact, those who did it had a really hard time making their businesses succeed. However, thanks to geolocation, any business can be recommended as a possible option when users search from a similar geographical location. This does not necessarily mean that we cannot use techniques to show your products or services when users search from other parts of the world. Google’s Local Pack is a section of Google’s search results that shows 3 local businesses related to a specific geographic area that might answer the user’s query. What is important to know is that they can appear because the user is located there or because the user is interested in that area (even if it is not located there). These 3 results are also part of good SEO and can generate many conversions.

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...because nobody remembers those who rank second.

Visitors and qualified Potential Customers

Another advantage of Google and its search results is that you are one of the best options when someone searches for your product or service on the Internet. Unlike social networks, Google recommends your business when your potential customers are looking for you, which means users are always qualified since they are voluntarily using Google to find what they need or want. As a result, if you are a restaurant, users looking for a wedding dress will not find your website on Google.

Visitors: recurrence and permanence

Apart from having qualified users, you can also get important information from Google which will be crucial for future business decisions. To get such data you simply have to ask yourself the following questions: Who visits my website? Who comes back to visit my website (recurrence)? Who stays longer on my site? Which are the most interesting services? etc.

From users to potential customers (CTA)

Likewise, having a user or visitor on your website and doing nothing about it is wasting all the work done. Therefore, at our SEO Agency, one of the first things we always do is to check all Call To Actions (known as CTA) to make sure users have the possibility to contact the company quickly and easily. As everybody knows, buttons such as "visit us", "call us", "write us", "get a quote", etc. will help you convert users into customers.

Investment and Profitability

We like to think that those entrepreneurs or professionals who want to invest in the Internet have the intention to invest wisely, and not to invest less. For this reason, before investing they should have an idea of what they want to get from our service. To do so, they need to find the answers to these questions: How many services or products do I want to sell? What is the deadline? If there is not much time, do I want to use other complementary platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

This will help them decide which path benefits them the most, and we can start our work from the very beginning. Nonetheless, we always say that if there is enough time to position a client, it is advisable to follow a Digital Marketing Strategy focused on SEO positioning, Google’s Local Pack, Google My Business, Forums, Blogs, and Online Reputation; instead of a PPC strategy focused on Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Facebook Ads. On a more positive note, if you choose an SEO strategy, you will not have to pay more as you succeed (since Google tends to increase your cost-per-click as time goes by and there is nothing you can do about it).

Agencies specializing in Google

Great myths such as "Make a lot of money by doing nothing" or "How to show up on the first page of Google in 10 steps" have made people believe that anyone can do marketing professionally. However, almost nobody takes into account that both search engines algorithms and social network algorithms are created by expert programmers in artificial intelligence and social engineering. Thus, unfortunately, they start following blogs, buying ebooks or watching videos to learn marketing in vain - as marketing is more complex than that and making mistakes is quite easy.

Companies that understand how marketing really works invest their time in producing more and better products, leaving their marketing strategy to specialized agencies that know what they are doing.

Do you want to rank Number 1 on Google? (Get a QUOTE)