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Team of SEO Experts in Mallorca

Yagle: About Us

Our SEO Agency is composed of a group of SEO experts and consultants who work very hard to put their clients in the first search results of Google. It is worth mentioning that each one of our professionals has specialized in different areas which have a direct impact on Search Engine Positioning or Search Engine Optimization. Thus, profiles such as SEO Consultant, Graphic Designer, Web Developer or Web Programmer are efficiently integrated into our team.

But why did we decide to create a team of SEO experts in different areas? Because we believe that if we fight separately for the same purpose, we can satisfactorily meet all the requirements an Online Project may have, which allows us to offer the best possible service to our SEO clients. The formula is simple but effective: we have to work on different topics but in harmony. In this way, we can achieve any objective we establish and obtain results. As Ray Kroc said: "None of us is as good as all of us".

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Gustavo Baron

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Manuel Rodríguez

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Roque Estañ

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Mabel del Pozo

Within our team of SEO experts we can find:

CEO and SEO Consultant

Gustavo Barón, CEO of Yagle, is our SEO Consultant and lives in Palma de Mallorca. Gustavo has over 15 years of experience in ranking websites to the first page of Google (and other major search engines), drawing targeted traffic, and most importantly, customers. Besides being the director and the SEO training teacher at Academia Animartec, he is also a researcher and developer of algorithms for SEO, which is why he has been invited as a speaker in several conferences on marketing and SEO positioning. In fact, his effort and self-determination when doing his job have led him to create his own SEO tools to give a better service. His passions are Mathematics, SEO Strategies, SEO Positioning, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks applied to the Web.

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Our SEO Expert in Web Design and Layout

Our SEO Expert in Web Design and Layout has more than 10 years of experience in HTML, CSS, and JS. He is used to developing web pages specifically for SEO positioning, which is why he is a fundamental part of our team. Moreover, he loves to keep up to date on new tools and codes to improve the User Experience (UX), which in turn greatly benefits SEO by increasing permanence, decreasing bounce rate and building up clients’ loyalty. All this, of course, taking into account browser compatibility on all current devices to provide the best service to any SEO Project.

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Our SEO Expert in Graphic Design

Our SEO Expert in Graphic Design is responsible for the corporate image of both the company and our clients, creating all the necessary designs, logos and images for each of our SEO Projects. It is important to bear in mind that, when choosing an image to support the meaning of a text, we do not use the same photo for different clients, nor do we use images without having previously purchased them. This is crucial for SEO positioning since Google penalizes both the duplicity of images and the illegal use of copyrighted images.

On the other hand, our SEO Expert in Graphic Design is also responsible for optimizing the images used on our clients’ websites. Among other things, she resizes images (depending on the different devices users have) and reduces their weight to increase loading speed.

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Our SEO Expert in Web Programming

Our SEO Expert in Web Programming analyzes each script to optimize organic or natural search results. He also creates a wide variety of scripts for different purposes, such as statistics, tracking, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or Progressive Web Apps (PWA), as well as other codes to enhance the microdata or rich formats of our clients’ websites. Furthermore, he is also responsible for developing scripts using artificial intelligence, improving element layout with each visitor. By doing so, search engines can achieve a better understanding of the information and benefit the position of our clients.

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Our SEM Expert in PPC Advertising

Our SEM Expert in PPC Advertising stands out for its methodology when creating PPC campaigns in different advertising platforms available on the market today, among which we can mention: Google Ads (paid advertising on Google, websites, apps, and YouTube), and Facebook Ads (paid advertising on Facebook). His work lies in researching keywords to identify which ones are the most profitable for our client, taking into account both their search volume and their seasonality. This allows him to know exactly how they will perform over time. Similarly, he also monitors users’ behaviour with the aim of analyzing what happens after users click on the ad, as we like to make sure that those visitors are interested in our client’s product. As you can see, we do our best to convert visitors into customers.

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Our SEO Expert in Content Writing and Translation

To fully cover as many users as possible, our SEO Expert in Content Writing and Translation carries out a comprehensive study on keywords. He not only analyzes the keywords we want to be ranked for but also he analyzes all the information that revolves around them. In this way, we can reach the broadest audience by using synonyms and related words, no matter their age, culture or social class. All this using a high level of readability and taking care of even the smallest details of the expressions and idioms of each country or language; since if a page contains spelling or grammar mistakes may be a reason for users not to contact the company.

On the other hand, our SEO Expert in Content Writing and Translation is also responsible for investigating and analyzing the competition, which provides a clear idea of what they do right or wrong so that we know exactly what our client should do to overcome their competitors.

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…because you cannot leave your business in the hands of interns or trainees.

Yagle: What makes us different?

Let's face it, a Digital Marketing Agency is all about their team. All our clients have chosen us for several reasons: our experience, our facilities, our working methodology, etc. but nothing can compare to our team of SEO experts. We are a team of researchers and teachers specializing in different areas.

We are not in favour of creating blogs to explain the strategies we use for our clients (as their competitors could see them and use them). We should not forget that anything we publish on the Internet can and will be indexed by Google. Thus, all we do in our I&D Department is only and exclusively for our clients, although we can discreetly share some information with our students.

Our I&D Department is the result of our interest in researching and the need to be always updated on Google’s modifications, which suffers more than 500 changes per year. It is true that some of these changes are not significant, however, to know whether a change is important or not we must watch, analyze and read everything about it - and, if applicable, do the necessary modifications to our clients’ websites. Search Engine Positioning is a daily and constant task.

Here we offer some of our competitive advantages over other SEO agencies:

We do not work with interns, trainees or beginners

Our team is only composed of SEO specialists. Although it is true that sometimes we have helped our students by offering them internships in our company, they have never worked on our clients’ projects.

We do not work with inexpensive freelancers

At Yagle, we do not work with cheap freelancers from other countries. Why? The answer is simple: because they do not work as we do in terms of quality. In fact, working with them is a very risky decision to make, since they are not SEO experts and can end up making mistakes that may harm our clients' projects.

Warm and tailor-made service

We love our job, so we do not mind explaining whatever our client needs to know when it comes to SEO positioning, Google Ads, Social Media, Apps, etc. We believe that the more our clients know about SEO, the quieter they will be with the work we do. Therefore, at Yagle, we throw ourselves into every project as it were our own so that our clients can achieve their goals. That is why we can say we offer a warm and tailor-made service.

We prefer quality to quantity

All we know for sure is that we prefer to have face-to-face communication with each one of our clients so that we can offer them a high-quality service. Besides, as our goal has never been to have an infinite portfolio of clients, we do something almost no SEO agency does: we prefer quality over quantity. As a result, we only offer our Search Engine Optimization Services to one type of client per sector. We firmly believe that this philosophy is not just beneficial for us but for our clients as well; since they are sure we will never work for their competitors.

We do not use massive online tools

In our working method, we do not use automated online tools as they can harm our clients’ SEO Projects. Any expert in web positioning knows that all online tools provide different results for the same query. That is why we have created our own online marketing tools to collect information we can rely on.

The personality of our team

Our team of SEO specialists stands out for:

  • The passion they put in every project.
  • Their sincere empathy with each client.
  • Their curiosity, something extremely important to carry out researches.
  • Their behaviour and involvement in each project.
  • Their willing to improve and be constantly up-to-date.
  • Their professionalism and, above all, for being good people.
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