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Web Positioning in Spain

If you want to be in the top search results on Google Spain, you may want to know that Spain is one of the highest internet activity countries in Europe. In fact, more than 80% of Spaniards have internet access, and 55% of them make online purchases. Thus, it is clear that not many people prefer to go to a physical store to meet their needs, as the Internet gives them the same products at lower prices, any time of the day and with a secure payment system.

This behaviour, becoming more common among Spanish users, means that companies no longer have to focus on local markets, or even have a physical place to sell their products. Currently, any user interested in your product can be a potential customer, regardless of where they live.

SEO in Spain | SEO

This said, it is not surprising that many companies want to gain more visibility and, therefore, decide to hire SEO services in Spain to show their local business on a national scale. However, you should not forget that ‘being on Google’ is not enough anymore. Now, you must be the first search result. So if your SEO agency in Spain cannot put your website in the top search results on Google, your business will go unnoticed and you will not get the results you need to expand.

Spain: Most important SEO Factors

Doing SEO in Spain implies much more than just choosing a few keywords to rank a website for. Hiring the services of an SEO Agency in Spain means that you want to be in the top search results, overcoming your competition. But to achieve this goal, your Online Marketing Agency must take into account all SEO Factors that may positively or negatively influence search engine positioning. There are all kinds of factors: factors influencing your website, factors influencing your online reputation, factors influencing users’ behaviour, factors influencing conversions, etc. and what is certain is that if we analyze them all we will have a clearer idea of what we can do to help your business.

When positioning a site in Spain, the most important Google Ranking Factors to consider are:

Most spoken Languages in Spain

When you decide to improve your visibility on the internet through SEO, one of the first things you have to decide is what language you want your potential customers to speak. This is crucial as it will determine the type of search your business will appear on. As one would assume, Spanish is the most spoken language in Spain. However, we should not forget that in some regions people use their mother tongue (e.g. Catalan or Basque) to do everyday activities, such as talking with friends or searching on the Internet; and this must be taken into account to create an effective SEO strategy.

Thus, it is not surprising to discover that, although Catalan is spoken by 17.5% of Spaniards, it is the most spoken language of Catalonia (spoken by 85% of the population). This makes it clear that, if your target audience is in Barcelona, it would be interesting to do SEO in Catalan to cover a large part of the population. Here we offer a list of the most spoken languages in Spain, ordered by their number of speakers.

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You will reach 50 Spanish provinces and 8.124 Spanish municipalities

Most used Devices in Spain

Since what you want is, in short, to be well positioned on Google Spain, it is very important to adapt your website to each of the different devices Spanish users have. Why? Because the fact that your page is displayed properly on a computer does not mean that the User Experience is satisfactory on, for instance, a mobile phone. The truth is that if a user has a bad experience when browsing your website, you may lose that potential customer. To avoid this, you must make sure that your website is responsive, which means that it adapts to all devices.

In Spain, the use of devices is divided into the following percentages.

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Your Target Audience in Spain

If you want to be successful when it comes to doing SEO in Spain, you should know the user profile of your potential customers. If you do not know who your target audience is, that is, if you do not know who would purchase your products, it is quite impossible to create a good marketing strategy. For this reason, our SEO agency conducts market research to analyze customers' preferences, which will help us find out your specific target audience.

The good news is that even the most traditional companies have started to jump on the bandwagon of SEO. Now everybody understands that being well positioned on Google is equivalent to more traffic and sales. Step by step, as they see their results, they see SEO as an investment, not as an expense. In short, if you want to be in the best hands, contact Yagle, an Online Marketing Agency that offers its clients exclusive SEO services.

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