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SEO or Web Positioning in Mallorca

Before explaining the advantages of hiring our SEO services in Mallorca, we would like to let you know that we are well positioned on Google... and it is no coincidence. If we are highly ranked on Google it is due to a number of factors that have been strategically sought. So we think it is worth taking a closer look at this, especially if you are thinking of becoming our client.

In all search engine queries: ‘SEO agency Mallorca’, ‘SEO experts in Mallorca’, etc. Google puts our site among the first search results, both organic search results and Google’s Local-Pack (a way of listing the best local businesses on Google Maps).

Web Positioning in Mallorca | SEO

As you can imagine, being well positioned on Google when our competitors are SEO agencies and SEO experts is something that deserves to be highlighted. There are some reasons why we are in the top search results on Google, and we want to share them with you as this strategy is also used with our clients (who are well positioned on Google as well):

  • We make internal and external modifications to our site every month. Examples might include structural changes (internal) or reviews to improve Online Reputation (external).
  • Our website is strategically designed for both search engines and users, with more than 98% visibility and 95% performance according to the most important tools that qualify sites for Google.
  • Our name domain, Yagle.com, was purchased in 2003 and then sold. Later, in 2011, we passed all its authority to Yagle.es
  • Our keywords are carefully chosen on all our pages, taking into account readability, bolds, italics, density, synonyms, related words, etc.
  • Positive online reputation. We have more than 98% reviews with 5-star ratings (there is always a competitor who complains… but in the end, they cannot fight against 300 satisfied clients).
  • Many marketing tools and techniques we have specifically created for us and our clients.

Online Reputation, Marketing, and SEO (in Mallorca)

If you want to do SEO in Mallorca, there is some data you may be interested in:

  • The Balearic Islands, along with Madrid, are the autonomous communities with more internet users in Spain.
  • Mallorca has one of the highest economic growth in Spain, largely thanks to the number of tourists who visit the island throughout the year, especially in summer.
  • Mallorca has a population density (234 inhabitants per km2) much higher than the rest of the autonomous communities. It also has a large number of foreign residents, most of them German and British.
  • The Balearic Islands and, more specifically, Mallorca, are visited by thousands of tourists every year. In fact, tourists can easily double or triple their population in summer, and the vast majority of them have a high purchasing power.
  • At a local level, it is really easy to create and keep up customer loyalty among the inhabitants and residents of the island. If you offer your services at reasonable prices without unexpected surprises, Mallorca customers will not look for another supplier the next time they need you. Therefore, doing SEO in Mallorca is always a good option to find potential customers with a very high fidelity rate.
Web Positioning in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) (Get a QUOTE)

…because only local agencies can really understand Mallorcan people, residents and foreign tourists.

What languages to choose when doing SEO in Mallorca?

Most companies, professionals and local businesses in Mallorca are in no doubt about their clients and the languages they speak. However, if you want to position your business in Mallorca and have no idea what languages you should choose to do SEO on the island, there is some general advice we can give you. On a regular basis, most products and services in Mallorca are oriented to the Spanish, German and English market.

Web Positioning in Mallorca | SEO

But not all companies have the same target market. Some areas on the island also determine the target audience we should focus on according to the main tourist nationality. So, for example, in ‘El Arenal’ the common target audience is German, whilst in ‘Magaluf’ it would be British. Besides, it is also important to distinguish tourists from residents: German tourists prefer beach areas, while German residents opt for villages. In short, the age, the purchasing power, the marital status, etc. everything counts when it comes to deciding the best way to position your business in Mallorca.

Our SEO Agency in Mallorca has many years of experience in successfully positioning businesses on the island. As a consequence, we always carry out a preliminary study in which we take into account all the characteristics of our clients’ products or services. This helps us discover who their potential customers are.

Our SEO Agency in Mallorca

  • We have more than 15 years of PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. Working with small and large businesses has allowed us to gain many years of experience which speak for themselves.
  • If you have ever visited Academia Animartec, you already know that both its director and its teachers make up the working team of Yagle.
  • Our services ARE NOT COMPREHENSIVE. We cannot “do everything”, and we do not believe any SEO agency can. It is true that our knowledge may allow us to create online e-Commerce stores, Apps, websites, and all kinds of online platforms. Nonetheless, we have decided to focus on just one topic, that is, Online Marketing. Therefore, every single service we offer is closely related to SEO strategy and algorithms, Online Reputation Management, search results, web audits to correct code errors, etc. We strongly believe that to be the first search result on Google requires some skills that must be constantly updated and polished.
  • Yagle has the privilege to be positioned on Google over all other SEO agencies in Mallorca. Why do you not google SEO in Inca, SEO in Manacor, SEO in Calvià, SEO in Alcúdia, SEO in Pollensa or, obviously, SEO in Palma de Mallorca and see it for yourself?
  • WE DO NOT USE WordPress or Joomla Templates for our clients. The main reason is that they create a structural dependency, as all sites using templates needs to be constantly updated and are forced to implement all kinds of patches, updates, antispam or antihacking. In addition, if the client is a bit creative and wants to modify their website, they will find a lot of obstacles in the way as templates are really difficult to customize. To top it all off, templates have a negative impact on SEO.
  • WE DO NOT WORK WITH INTERNS, BEGINNERS OR TRAINEES. We cannot leave our clients’ projects in the hands of inexperienced people. It would be a waste of both time and money for our clients. Why do you think a company has interns or trainees? Out of altruism? We are afraid not. The real reason is that they can pay them less, it is as simple as that. In the end, this does not only harm clients, but also the sector in general.
Web Positioning in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) (Get a QUOTE)